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Is the lack of Proper Logistics and Storage Curbing the Growth of Your Business?

Is the lack of Proper Logistics and Storage Curbing the Growth of Your Business?

Is the lack of Proper Logistics and Storage Curbing the Growth of Your Business?


For any e-commerce Business, logistics serve to be their backbone. Logistics, which is defined as the management of the flow of goods between the point of origin and the point of consumption, is something that governs the success of a business. It can literally break or make a business. It requires serious logistics skills in order to get those boxes delivered to the destination, intact and on time.

The present e-commerce market in India is booming, which increases the importance of the logistics operations. It is not at all easy to run an e-commerce start-up, especially with the fierce competition in this business. To manage such start-ups, a team of people is to be formed to control multiple segments of an e-commerce business.

Did you know that more than 90% of e-commerce Businesses fail due to an unplanned business strategy?

And most of these failed e-commerce Business lack a proper logistics solution. So, we can understand how crucial this section of an e-commerce business is.

The current business scenario also operates in a way where they deploy same people to handle logistics and order fulfilment.

At times, the same people also work on the logistics and order fulfilment without necessarily having the prior experience. This sometimes results in grave mistakes that can cost the young organisation fortunes of money. Although a few start-ups are able to handle in-house logistics when the demand is less, most of them opt for third-party logistics services.

Let’s further try to understand third-party logistics in detail.

What is third-party logistics Service?


It includes services from securing inventory to transporting goods from Point A to Point B by a dedicated logistics company. These services are used by a start-up or any business that involves logistics.

Why third-party logistics is better than In-House logistics?

Storing inventories and supplies with a 3rd –party can be very beneficial, especially if your business is in its early age. Rather than owning a warehouse, you must choose storage and logistics facilities of a third-party.

If you are in Pune, Storekaro offers one of the best services for Business Storage.


Here are the Major Advantages that third-party logistics offers:


For a new business, third-party logistics always provide great flexibility as they can modify and update their inventories and supplies as their business grows.

Multiple Supplies Under One Roof

This is one of the most important benefits of getting third-party storage and transportation services, just like that of Storekaro.

It turns out to be very economical when you can store multiple supplies under a single roof. Also, you may get good offers and schemes if you intend to opt for both storage and transportation facilities.




The logistics services providers have a team of experts in this business who know how to handle all the supplies and transportation related process. With their expertise, any business can get value-added benefits that help to reduce costs, drive efficiency and allow you to focus on your core business.

Competitive Advantage

When you run a business, it is really important to get an early competitive edge. And for achieving this competitive advantage, businesses must hire the pros. Third-party storage providers will help you drive your business by acting as a catalyst.



For a faster growth of any Business, you must have your complete focus on its core. If you try and handle those parts of the business which are not of your expertise, the growth of your business might get hampered.

Thus, the need of the hour for young business should be to hire a proficient Business Storage provider which can accelerate the growth of that business.

Why to opt for Storekaro for your Business? offers an affordable and convenient solution for your business. With various size options available, we are sure to have the right space to fit your business storage needs.

Not only for e-commerce businesses, Storekaro also provide safe and secure storage solutions for company’s documents, inventories, supplies, equipment, office furniture, stationeries or seasonal items. can be an answer in de-cluttering your business, or simply freeing up the much needed valuable work space.

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