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Key Points to Keep in Mind before Car or Bike Relocation

Key Points to Keep in Mind before Car or Bike Relocation

It is already a proven fact that Home Shifting is not at all an easy task, especially if you plan to do that on your own. Hence, it makes sense to hire a professional company, like Storekaro, to complete the shifting process without any hassles.

In similar way, Vehicle Relocation can be a tedious task too.

You are moving to a new location and it is of utmost importance for you to have that precious vehicle at your new stay right from day 1. That vehicle is your basic need in daily life and the majority of your tasks depend on the availability of your vehicle. And hence you need to have your vehicle relocated simultaneously with the rest of your stuff.

There may be another scenario where you have the urgency to relocate any of your two-wheelers or four-wheelers. Maybe you need to give your vehicle to your family member residing in a different corner of your city, or a friend of yours need that vehicle for a couple of months.

Any of these reasons for vehicle relocation includes a hectic process which, if not carried out efficiently can even damage your vehicle.

Transferring a heavy vehicle from one location to another proves to be a challenging deal in itself. One has to be aware of several factors before the process of relocating the vehicle begins.

Be it a four-wheeler or a two-wheeler, you love your vehicle so much that a single scratch on it can fill you up with anger. Any damage to the vehicle can fetch a long bill that can affect your pockets. Right?

Well, you need not worry about this if you stick to few basic guidelines that are meant to ease the entire process of vehicle transportation.

Let’s have a look at these key points to remember before you decide to relocate your vehicle:

  • Always go with the Professionals

It is advisable to always prefer a professional moving company to transfer your vehicle from one location to another. Hire a company based on their proficiency so that no damage is caused to the vehicle during the entire process.

Take the responsibility of transporting the vehicle by yourself only if the destination is nearby to your current location.

If you are a resident of Pune and are looking for home shifting and vehicle transportation, don’t hesitate to opt for Storekaro! We are amongst the best in this business.

  • Examine Your Vehicle Carefully

It is always a wise choice to inspect your vehicle before relocating it. One should note down any kind of damage that has been caused to your vehicle. Any dents or scratches should be captured so that after you reach your final location, you can verify the damage caused.

  • Vacant you Vehicle

Remove any of the items present in your vehicle. Ensure that there isn’t any kind of luggage present in the vehicle as it can cause damage to your car.

The professional staffs of Storekaro check your vehicle before commencing the process of vehicle relocation. This is also one of the reasons why Storekaro is trusted by many people.

  • Keep Your Fuel Tank to a Quarter

The transporting process is not an easy one, especially if it has to be transported to a very long distance. It is advised to lower empty your fuel tank or preferably keep your tank to a quarter. The shifting process may heat up the vehicle due to temperature change. Hence, it is best to keep as little fuel as possible.

We, at Storekaro, understand that moving can be a hectic process at the end of the day. But the points that we have provided above can ease your process marginally. Having a plan beforehand and following it always helps.

Remember, if you need any kind of assistance to relocate your vehicle, just let us. We are to mitigate the difficulties you’d face if you decide to move on your own. Reach out to us in the easiest of ways!

Happy Shifting!

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