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Home Shifting: 10 Tips for an Easy Move out to You Next Stay

Home Shifting: 10 Tips for an Easy Move out to You Next Stay

Home Shifting can be effectively included as one of the most distressing exercises which you may hold to traverse in life. Most part of this uneasy work takes up your Saturdays and Sundays, the days on which you wish to sit back and relax with your family.

Isn’t this something you hope for?

But once you take up the entire process of home shifting on your shoulders, you can hardly get a peaceful sleep until the task is done. The terrible weather can be another element that can hinder your work and increase your worries.          

Another point that may force you to bang your head is the lack of art of packing.

Ahead of home shifting, it remains a common dilemma for anyone whether to commence and end the process by self or hire some professional. It might become annoying if you choose to take up the entire process on your own.

You face the real challenges once you start the job of shifting on your own. Therefore, it is best to leave the task for the pros, just like!



Here are 10 Tips that must be followed while you plan to move out to your new home:

1.       Plan Your Budget

Decide a budget for your home shifting. Consider on deciding for both pre and post moving costs. It helps you plan rest of the relocation process.

2.       Go with the Professionals

The number one thing that you should decide quickly is to go with the professionals. Choose your packers and movers wisely for home shifting purpose. If you own very few things in your house, you can give a thought for handling the entire process on your own.

3.       Review Ratings of Moving and Packing Companies

Never ever choose your movers and packers in one go.

Always review the ratings of every company that you shortlist before you come to a conclusion. Do not hesitate to ask your friends or relative who might have used the services before.

If you are a Pune resident, Storekaro must be your choice. Our proficient team has been trusted by many of the Pune residents.

4.       Cross Check the List of Items

The packing and moving company will prepare a complete list of items which are going to be transferred. You must cross check the list twice to ensure that no item is left behind.

Do not forget to check the list post shifting as well.

Once the shifting is done, this list will help you to check if all the items have been moved or not.

5.       Take Pictures of All Heavy Products

It should be a mandatory activity before your packing starts. It will help you to ensure whether the condition of your products is same or not after the moving process is complete. Any breakage or damage to the product during home shifting will be the responsibility of the moving company.


For your ease, Storekaro does this step very effectively. Our professional team not only take pictures of each and every item that needs to be moved but also ensures that no damage is caused to any of your items.

6. Notify Utility Service Providers

 As the date of home shifting closes in, you must notify your utility service providers like Gas, Internet, Phone, etc about your new address. This will ensure cancelling, transferring and setting up services at future home without any delay.


7. Making Parking Arrangements

Make sure that you make a good space for parking the moving company’s truck ahead of the day of moving.


8. Clear the Way

On the day of moving, ensure that nothing is blocking the way from your door to the moving truck. It will help ease the process of home shifting.

9.   Keep Possessions of Jewellery and Important Papers with You

It is your responsibility to keep all the important things with you before the process begins. Items like jewellery, important papers should be assembled and kept safely. Keep all these important items, files and folders in a separate travel bag, which you should handle till the home shifting process is complete.

10.   Notify the Movers if Anything Goes Missing

As soon as the process is complete, check every item with the list that you had prepared earlier. Do this process in front of the employees of the service providers. If anything goes missing, you must immediately convey it to them. This will ensure that movers take the right action on the spot.


Having said all the above mentioned points, a successful home shifting process requires patience as well as trust on the moving and packing company that you have chosen. The complete process is quite tedious and you need to start planning early.

Make sure to follow each and every step wisely and carefully. Your home shifting will be a hassle-free process.

For all the enquiries related to packing and moving in Pune, reach out to

Our professional team will help you out to move to your new home without any obstacles.

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